The Solution

Calathea is a software platform that enables understanding, benchmarking and assessment of your supplier’s sustainability agenda on a continual basis in real time, so the insights you receive are always exact. This allows you to set bespoke sustainability targets on a supplier-by-supplier basis enabling achievement of your corporate sustainability objectives.


Calathea harnesses the power of artificial intelligence, providing you with real time analysis of your supply chain, enabling forensic insight of any risks, and outlining the opportunities to make significant impact both immediately and over the longer-term.


Calathea insights encompass the entire ESG agenda, as well as supply chain ethics, risk and compliance to ensure the continuity and resilience of your supply chain.

What is Calathea?

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Benefits of the system

High definition visibility
of your supply chain

Gain real-time visibility of your supply chain sustainability and social value status and map its journey and performance. Did you know that 69% of companies lack complete visibility of their supply chain according to the BCI Supply Chain Resilience Report

Lead the way to a sustainable future
Improve your corporate reputation whilst delivering a sustainable future

Collaborate to achieve more
Working hand in hand with your suppliers will be the key to unlocking incremental change

Reduce your supply chain risk
Compliance with sustainability legislation and environment/social regulations

Make your actions speak louder than your words
Achieve your corporate sustainability objectives (without addressing the supply chain and emissions associated with this, you are missing >90% of your environmental impact)

Create a triple bottom line that works in harmony
Drive improved efficiency and a better ROI with a balanced business model

Drive supply chain innovation
New technologies and ways of working are essential to drive the efficient ways of working required to meet the challenge

Create competitive advantage
Differentiate your business to meet market demand

Achieve strategic alignment
Align your sustainability objectives with those of your suppliers to deliver efficient improvements

Our Platform

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